He for whom I did all my art, all my efforts to shine, is gone.

My Dad.

I can never say, or do anything anymore, to please him in this world.

I can only hope to make him smile in his spirit.

He lives.

In my spirit.

But the world doesn't shine like it used to.

When he was in it.

I would that my spirit could make all spirits live.

In the world.


I am sorry for every sad one.

Like me.

Whose love for life is diminished by loss.

They say we have lost nothing.

Only a shell.

Then why do they talk of resurrections?

The shell is worth something, else why have it at all?

Too much sadness in the world because of shell loss.

What I would do to reshell you.

The world's loss is your light.

What I would do to see that light in the world again.

So I will put out for the world that which made you shine.

What I did, to give you delight.

For you Dad.

My light.

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