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(Updated Wednesday, October 12, 2005)
This web page is being updated as of the above date, but feel free to report any bad links or new links you think of interest. Thanks for your patience.
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Paul Mason's web site the Magnesium-Deficiency Catastrophe:

I believe this is the most important health related information resource on the internet after mine.  People have the responsibility to know certain fundemental and rudementary facts about their own health maintenance.  Study this site, and you will be practically half way educated.  Come back to the RCRS for the rest.

The only NIH search Engine on this page for abstracts:
The web has become more and more limited with regard to search engines.  The results are less satisfactory, and this fact is no less true for this publically funded site.

Frontiers of Bioscience Search Engine:
This is another site that has fallen from the higher standards that was customary in the early days of the internet.  It now offers a search based on other search engines rather than their own collection of files.

Cancer Information and Support Society

Don Wiss site on the Paleolithic Diet:
I would like to introduce readers of the RCRS to Don Wiss' page on the primitive diets of man as the basis of optimal health today. The intrinsic principle of health, of homeostasis, is founded upon an ancient precedent established during the process of evolution. That the introduction of factors foreign to this biological experience will alter homeostasis, bring about disease, is the fundamental rationale behind advocation of a return to a primitive dietary. Disease then can arise from a lack of factors normal to the animal economy, but as well, new factors, however innocuous these are conceived to be on a theoretic basis (like "artificial sugar"), can bring about dangerous results. Although I do not agree with all the premises presented on this site, believing comparatively few humans are adapted to eating meat, it is instructive towards an understanding of man's ill-adapation to modern diet.

Ralph Moss' summary on hCG, trophoblast and Cancer

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients Web site:
Edited by Dr. Jonathan Collins, M.D. Comes out 10 times a year, samples from past and current issues. Searchable index of authors, titles, and subjects. A very useful educational resource. A quote from the intro:

"Contained in the magazine each month are regular columns on different aspects of alternative health care: homeopathy, nutrition, exercise, women's health, phytomedicines and the constantly changing politics of alternative medicine. Reviews of current alternative medical literature and newly published books relating to health and healing are also included, as well as an extensive Letters-to-the-Editor section, calendar of events and health-related classified advertising.

As Alan Gaby, M.D., our Medical Editor wrote in an Editorial: "...what most doctors do today is an aberration; a deviation from the centuries-old tradition of nontoxic, natural medicine. What we are doing should not be called Alternative Medicine, because the name implies a deviation from the norm. Natural healing, as it is practiced today by a small group of physicians, is the norm, when viewed in the context of all of medical history."

Search the News releases from The Best Hospital in America:

First International Telemedicine Trial To China:
This fascinating story serves a two-fold purpose on Health Search: 1) it covers the great utility of internet communications towards information disbursal and subsequent implementation...something in this case implemented through a popular, not professional, medium; 2) it is an extreme example of a principal factor underlying what we call the pancreatic insufficiency syndrome: heavy metal interactions deactivate essential enzymes that play a first-acting role in all immune responses. In cancer, we see an extreme example of serine enzyme inhibition, by whatever means, and heavy metals at least play a contributory role there. Nothing so exotic as Thallium, as in Zhuling's case, need be invoked. Simple copper, silver, mercury or even iron ions (++) can inactivate these enzymes.

Institute for Longevity Research:
An excellent resource for looking into the role of enzymes and a broad range of short abstracts covering cellular biology, ageing, etc.

Information for those interested in CURADERM:

Dr Bill Cham has a home page at:
He is selling a range of medicated skin care products under the CURACEL banner. The ordering details for CURADERM is on this page. You need a prescription in Australia only.

OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION ON CURADERM: - $10 ripoff to tell you how to get it! - FDA import detentions (?) - doctors talking about curaderm.

Journal of Biochemistry Home Page
This service, from Japan, is bound to become a premium site to visit as they put some of the best research papers in the world online, heavily referenced articles, links to useful sites, and more.

Dr.Tim Birdsall's Alternative Medicine Review:

New 15 October:Dr. Stephen B. Edelson's Environmental and Preventive Health Center of Atlanta:

Micromercurial Maze:
This site is a good quick reference source and jump page on the deleterious effects of inordinate mercury loading, and it's diverse biological effects.

The McInformation Network:
This site reveals the monstrous nature of rampant commercialism promoting and cultivating the disastrous attitudes most Americans have about "good food"..especially aimed at our children. McDonalds tried to sue these individuals because they broadcast the facts as they found them regarding this sickening organization who's logo personality is a clown.

This link brought to us by Health World. The leading title is:
If the first title doesn't make you do a double take, I don't know what will. It's a typo I'm sure. The Senate's human needs are not the topic. There is an excellent talk given by Dr. Bernard Weiss on the rationales of human nutrition, and the reasons why certain things have no place in the human body. An excellent paper. A great mind. Also, read one of the more lucid speeches Bob Dole gives on the subject of nutrition. Really.

Peter Barry Chowka's View from Between the Lines:
Subtitled: "Probing the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial-Media-Complex"

Dr. William Lamb's Benzene Detoxification Protocol:
In case you're wondering what that means, it has to do with some interesting data about a man's experience of overcoming AIDS. Also see the "Rethink" archives for more at:

The New England Journal of Medicine (You can order individual back issues, also do searches of an inclusive index from 1990.)

John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. on Breast Cancer: (From his book:Preventing Breast Cancer:THE STORY OF A MAJOR, PROVEN,PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF THIS DISEASE)

Minidatabase of Bacterial Genera: (Be sure to check out the glossary, an excellent primer, indeed, a mini-education.)

Frontiers in Bioscience, A virtual library:

Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.'s Medical Breakthroughs Page: (They cover a wide range of subjects in these reports, e.g., Their 20 May issue discusses the use of magnets for pain.)

National Center for Biotechnology Information, Very useful for looking up biotech related abstracts:
(A search using Entrez is a must)

Science Resources at the National Institutes of Health:
(Check out the gopher service, where "unconventional" cancer treatments are reviewed):

C.O.S.E, a page devoted to Naessens' Somatid Biology:

Alpha Omega Labs: (Covers many books on alternative methods, and sells products, especially concentrating on Cansema.)

Steve Dunn's CancerGuide:
(This is a good primer for getting a general understanding of how cancers are classed, and the typical orthodox procedures. There is an "alternative" page:

Alternative Medicine Homepage, from the Falk Library of the Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh:

Medinfo/CancerNet Search:


The Well Being Journal and the Essential Garden:

Choices In Healing: (For one of the most intelligent discussions yet on Alternative Practices from Lecture Material given at the Harvard CME Seminar - "Alternative Medicine: Implications for Clinical Practice ", March 28-31, 1995)

...Then see the source page of the above:

....Then see VTMedNet Medical Informatics:

..And finally Generalist Essentials:
(Not that you couldn't have found all this on your own...just in case of lost links.)

The National Library of Medicine:

Department of BioMedical Physics at Aberdeen University and Aberdeen Royal Hospitals: (Situated at Foresterhill, Aberdeen, in the North-East of Scotland)

Healthgate: (a commercial medical and health data-base)

The Literature and Medicine Database:

Elsevier Electronic Science Publications: 

Thorne Research:
(A Nutritional Hypo-allergenic Supplement Company. Many good resources on this page, including reprinted articles from Townsend Letter for Doctors, and selected abstracts on various supplements and research in general.)

Linda Townsend's Energy Harmonization Homepage is now called "BioHarmonics" and is located at:
(A wide variety of information and links to alternative therapies including her own discoveries on M.S.)

Health Action Network:
(A very valuable resource for printed and video material.)

Viacom's Information SuperLibrary:

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