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(Updated 15 March 1998)

How many times have you been cruising the net to suddenly realize you didn't know how to convert kilometers to miles and it ruined your day? Well, here is a simple solution: simply put this page in your browser's bookmarks, and you'll have a handy


It also has a handy HTML tutorial appended to show you how such tables are created without having to hit the "source" button on your browser. What more can you ask for such fun?

Here is an algorhythm table designed for use by the blind, created by L. Hartford Van Dyke, Jr. The small case "a" will have to suffice for a Greek alpha in the table.

Algorhythm for the Blind

See Mr. Van Dyke's paper dealing with suspended animation by means of formaldehyde, and it's use as a possible anti-cancer drug.
For a list of Papers, monographs and books available from Hartford Van Dyke:

Van Dyke

This fractal created by Terrance Hodgins is very interesting, wherein seemingly innumerable fundemental dualities are, at a certain thresh-hold, subtended by infintely repeating singularities (the dualities or "doublettes" don't seem to re-occur...or do they? You'll need to look close when you're way out):

*         Terrance Hodgins          *
*      Willamette Web Weavers       *
*           *
*    *


Depending on how well you can go wall-eyed, or cross eyed, these links may be of interest:

From my own files:(There's a lot more, just need to organise..soon:)
Tetanus Spore
The RCRS 3-D Page.

This fun Site is run by my friend "emi", done up in the nicest 50s decor:

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