Statement of Purpose

The Robert Cathey Research Source (RCRS)web site is set up with the hope of facilitating the work of broad based independant research. "Independant research" almost always means invention or information development by individuals whose rights are retained as opposed to those whose ideas become the property of large corporations.

Some independant researchers develop their ideas with an aim to profit, in which case their interests may become proprietary. Others work without the proprietary interest and them their work, whatever their personal motives may be, may broaden the world's awareness of innovations which can be beneficial to the long as they find some outlet whereby to share it with others. In that case they can share information by placing it in the public domain. Both are good when the information or innovation become easily and thus widely available. In the first case access and use is limited, but possible as long as you can afford it. In the other category, presuming the information is out there, access and use is unlimited because it's free. It enters the public domain where proprietary maunfacture is still possible, but not exclusivity. But when the ideas or innovations are copyrighted or patented and then shelved due to market considerations, as only happens in the proprietary sphere or for governmental reasons, the world does not, indeed, cannot legally benefit. Then all access and use becomes "underground", or it may be discovered independently.

The RCRS web may serve as a means to put lights on a candlestand, so to speak, where all can see and benefit by the light. In the case of proprietary information, such as patents or copyrights, licensing information will be made available for those who wish to manufacture. For those with useable information with no aim to exclusive use, then this vehicle will serve to place it in the public domain. All information on this source which is copyright protected will bear notification.

The RCRS web pages are currently maintained entirely by the webmasters and by donations. We are a not-for-profit endeavor. If you have found the pages of use, please contribute to keep this resource on the internet.

The RCRS has as a goal to supply researchers with information or contacts towards the fructification and the wide dispersion of their facts or projects. Individuals are encouraged to browse the file categories and download free files; or make note of the proprietary items of interest. You may then order copies, by email or regular post. These will be sent as zip files or disks or photocopies by regular post. [file list under preperation:09/19/96]


Those who wish help on a project can submit requests via email or regular post and receive a list (by permission) of individuals currently working along similar lines, or who may be of help in the work. There will also be a public billboard where one can submit open requests.

As noted, a library of abstracts or documents which can be directly downloaded will be made available. All in ASCII format.

Uploading of data is obviously of great importance to a research source, and all are encouraged to do so, with the advisement being that RCRS retains the right to eliminate any item considered not relevant in the categories specified. As there is as of now no ftp niche on the current server, files should be sent via email, preferably as Acrobat PDF documents. Better yet, point us to an anonymous ftp site to pick it up.

Categories may be proposed for research projects.

RCRS home-page will eventually have a listing of current Delphi's. Biographies by researhers who wish to be considered for inclusion in a Delphi will be listed in a Who's Who file.

For those who wish to submit abstracts of proprietary information there will be a seperate file category.

The greater majority of information is free. Some items require payment, including postage, which will go to their authors. Currently, payment in all cases is by check, money order, or cashier's checks only.


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