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As noted in the index, this image was first published in the John Crane "Electron Therapy Manual" (public domain), on pg. 171 in the version sent to me. On page 954 is a very poor copy of a photo showing the 1932 Rife ray mounted on a right-angle boom, stationed over a clinic type bed, the Rife number 3 in the background (Universal), and another standard research microscope apparently under a bell jar. Four wires run to the diode mounted at the end of the arm in gimbals, apparently fully adustable back and forth horizontally, and up and down on the vertical post with rack and pinion.

On page 952 one finds a most interesting letter from Dr. Rosenow, dated July 11, 1932. He speaks of a stethoscope invented by Rife, apparently:

"I was most favorably impressed with the results obtained with your stethescope(sic). Is it on the market? If so, from whom can I purchase one? I would like; to try it out further and have one of our clinicians verify its merits in the hope of having it adopted in the Clinic. Perhaps you could spare me one for this purpose."

Who knows what became of the stethoscope, or what was special about it. There are numerous tantalizing clues...never enough Crane's manual. We will continue to take samples from this as time permits. Crane gave permission in his manual to freely copy and distribute any of the information he shared. And the book is replete with the breadth of his own research and the consternation of some...and if you can find a copy, it will be worth the cost of reproduction, even at roughly 1000 odd pages. Unfortunately, the reproductions are very poor, and much of the typed material is as well. 10th, 20th (?) generation copies well degraded throughout.

Crane also has one list of frequencies in which the American Standard Pitch scale is used, and for sarcoma "BY virus", 2093 cycles per second is used; for carcinoma, "BX virus", 2217 cps is advised. Strep: 880; Strep (fungal):784; Syphilis: 659.3; Gonorrhea: 622.3.


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