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(Updated Tuesday December 6, 2005)

I hope you have better luck than I have had in f inding a really good search engine.  In 1996, Lycos and others were giving really rich returns.  In the late 90s, google appeared, and it seemed really good too.  Then google went south quickly, seemingly grading returns on the basis of sponsored results.  I am in the process of updating this page, and the order you see today  may not reflect what it will be soon.  I have been using these engines with a single search criterion in order to grade their utility. rsc

Web Crawler:
This engine gives pretty good returns, good format, numbered and notifies the reader if a return is sponsored versus non-sponsored. Better than google.

Alta Vista:
This engine is also better than google, notifies user of sponsored versus non-sponsored returns.

Starting Point:
This web site seems not to work for me, although it still comes up as a multiple engine resource.  I get "Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.The request line contained invalid characters following the protocol string."

The Open Text Index:

Open Text is now useless. You can visit it if you want. Can anyone detect a trend here?

The Lycos Homepage:

DejaNews, Searches for Subject in Newsgroups files:

All-In-One, a very handy Same-page search service:

Search The Magellan:


....then Research-It, Dictionary, Thesaurus (sp?), Translate, maps, everything...this one deserves a gold star:

iTools, Add this link to your Bookmarks, and you have the above two and Promote-It all on one page:



Wandex, The World Wide Web Wanderer Index:

Flip's Search Resources:
This service will connect you with Phone directories, email addresses, and more


RLG, Inc.:

Research Library Group Members:
Member List of RLG:

Harvard's HOLLIS PLUS Resource Search:

Z39.50 Gateway to the University of Alberta:
(In names field, left most term first: John Smith, not: Smith, John)

Library Of Congress Z39.50 Gateway:

Library of Congress Meta Indexes and Search Tools:  

Medical and Health focused Sites:

(Updated Tuesday 20 August 1996) Health Search now as a page devoted to relevent subject matter. It has all of the below, plus more:

Frontiers in Bioscience, A virtual library:

Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.'s Medical Breakthroughs Page: (They cover a wide range of subjects in these reports, e.g., Their 20 May issue discusses the use of magnets for pain.)

National Center for Biotechnology Information, Very useful for looking up biotech related abstracts:
(A search using Entrez is a must)

Science Resources at the National Institutes of Health:
(Check out the gopher service, where "unconventional" cancer treatments are reviewed):

C.O.S.E, a page devoted to Naessens' Somatid Biology:

Alpha Omega Labs: (Covers many books on alternative methods, and sells products, especially concentrating on Cansema.)

CancerGuide: Alternative Therapies:

Thomas Brown's Internet Cancer Resources Page:
Tom is a Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) survivor. After major surgery, removing his kidney and adrenal gland, he discovered on his next check-up metastases in his lungs. He stalled experimental chemotherapy and discovered some information on Oxygen Therapy, which he immediately put to practice. He reports as of now complete remission. He is objective in his interpretation of this. His pages cover both standard and alternative programs.

Alternative Medicine Homepage, from the Falk Library of the Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh:

Medinfo/CancerNet Search:

The Well Being Journal and the Essential Garden:

Choices In Healing, For one of the most intelligent discussions yet on Alternative Practices from Lecture Material given at the Harvard CME Seminar - "Alternative Medicine: Implications for Clinical Practice ", March 28-31, 1995:

...Then see the source page of the above:

....Then see VTMedNet Medical Informatics:

..And finally Generalist Essentials:
(Not that you couldn't have found all this on your own...just in case of lost links.)

The National Library of Medicine:

Department of BioMedical Physics at Aberdeen University and Aberdeen Royal Hospitals, situated at Foresterhill, Aberdeen, in the North-East of Scotland

Healthgate: a commercial medical and health data-base:

The Literature and Medicine Database:

Elsevier Electronic Science Publications:

Thorne Research, (A Nutritional Hypo-allergenic Supplement Company) Many good resources on this page, including reprinted articles from Townsend Letter for Doctors, and selected abstracts on various supplements and research in general:

Linda Townsend's Energy Harmonization Homepage: (A wide variety of information and links to alternative therapies including her own discoveries on M.S.)


The Whole Internet Catalog
(You should check out their root directory, especially their "all subjects" and "all entries" pages:

Search The KeelyNet, a collection of papers and Monographs on everything under the sun dealing with para-science (the site that used to use a search engine is gone, so this search is "manual"):

U.S. Patents:

Some Semi-Commercial or Completely Commercial Resources

Health Action Network:

Viacom's Information SuperLibrary:

Here are a variety of Sources to link your Sites to the World:



Starting Point. Everything You Need To Work The Web. Every Day.
Starting Point

LinkStar (Another source to broadcast your page:)

The New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages:


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