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Updated February 14, 2004

Amylase attacks hCG; and the importance of amylase as precursive enzyme activity before proteinase

The outer coating of a cancer cell has human Chorionic gonadotropin as the suitable substrate for the attack of amylase, then protease. The carbohydrate portion is sialylated, but the sugar portion is susceptible to attack. But the proteases, like carboxypeptidase, trypsin and chymotrypsin are unable to reach the protein until amylase does it's work. This is the rationale for using amylase in abundance alone or
in combination.  In some cases, due to symptoms of pain in the back, high arterial pressure, drowsiness, etc., proteases/proteinases should
be discontinued and amylase alone used.  For a more extensive overview on enzymes go to:

The molecules seen show that amylase makes trypsin or other proteinases able to access their protein subtrates.

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